Rachel Deitsch

Photo by Ed Hamilton

Rachel Deitsch- Owner and artist at New World Ketubah

Why I do what I do
Ketubahs came into my life in a rather roundabout way: a bunch of my cousins got married in the same year and I wanted to do something special for them. I made ketubahs. Something clicked.

Over time I became more and more interested in the images and ideas behind traditional ketubah design, until I found myself making ketubahs my work. I loved that I could take the imagery traditionally found in ketubah artwork, expand on them and remake them in my own hand.

I liked the way these images could reflect your best wishes for yourself in your new life. The images became more and more a reflection of ideas of home, aspiration, safety, growth and connection. The artwork tells a story about the way your life is born from the life before it. What you see for your new family- are you part of a continuum or are you going to lock the world away and grow a whole new world of two? I love when a couple chooses one of my ketubahs because it speaks to them in some way I could never imagine. It becomes part of their story and their family.

My guest artists
One of the more gratifying directions I’ve taken is to start inviting artists I know and whose work I’ve loved to join me.

Jill Sykes was my first ‘guest artist’ and I could not be happier with how beautifully her work translates into ketubah design. Her paintings conjure up feelings of serenity and expansion and you just breathe easier looking at them. Read More
Tamara Jones’ work is nuanced and layered and complex in a way that invigorates and engages me. Read More
Chris Cozen is a self-taught acrylic & mixed media artist who lives and works in Southern California. Read More

It’s a privilege to work with both these talented artists and I look forward to reaching out even further to bring couples even more amazing artwork to celebrate their love.

My quality commitment
I’m committed to making the finest art print I can for you. I want you to be thrilled with your ketubah at your wedding and as you build your life. I do everything I can to make sure every ketubah that leaves my studio (and they are all made here at my studio) is something I can proudly sign my name to.