About Tamara Jones

Veil of Flowers Ketubah by Tamara Jones

Ketubah by Tamara Jones- Veil of Flowers

Tamara A. Jones was born in White Plains, New York to an immigrant family. She grew up and has lived most of her life in Southern California.

Since she was little she has always enjoyed the arts. She graduated with her B.F.A. from Otis Art Institute where she concentrated primarily on painting, drawing and sculpture. She also studied Graphic Design at Platt College in Los Angeles and continued to study drawing and painting at the California Institute of Art in Calabasas. Tamara worked for a number of years as a freelance Graphic Designer. She also helped develop an in-house Graphic Studio for a non-profit organization of which she worked as Art Director for additional number of years.  She is currently growing her business as a fine artist. Influenced by her graphics background she is now also branching into digital art.

Nature has a magnetism that draws her and provides the subject matter of most of her work. Influenced by a number of artists she finds, however, the work of Gustav Klimt’s Landscape and the floral designs as well as landscapes of Japanese Woodblock Prints as a major source of her inspiration.