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A Hudson River escape

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While we were up in the Catskills, Cecil and I got the chance to steal away for a night to explore the area alone. We drove east to the Hudson River and landed in Rhinebeck, NY, home of the Beekman Arms, the oldest inn in America, supposedly. It was charming but definitely smelled about 250 years old. Rhinebeck is charming and olde-timey and we enjoyed a relaxing pint at the Liberty Public House on the main drag.

We spent the night at the Roxbury Motel, which is run by a set designer escapee from NYC. We stayed in the Star Trek Room- shiny everything- silver vinyl window shades, a warp speed ceiling (I can’t really think of another way to describe it) and all. Awe. Some.

The next day we drove back to the river to Hudson NY for a taste of civilization. We had a great locavore meal at Grazin Diner and bought a few trinkets for the house and my earlobes along Warren Street- the main drag.

This past trip we also did a day out to Storm King Art Center, an amazing 500 acre sculpture park. I was so moved and excited by the Maya Lin earthwork and the Andy Goldsworthy walls. For a while there I was sorely tempted to chuck ketubah design and take up my welding torch again. Might still.

The Hudson River valley is really a magical place, up and down. Jeri went to Grad school at Bard way way back and I got to know the area from weekends up there. I would take the Metro North train up the river- and while I think it’s a shame that the tracks monopolize the river’s edge- it’s a pretty spectacular view as a passenger. It’s an area rich in offerings and history and definitely a place that makes me a little sad to be an entire continent away. Thank goodness for frequent flyer mileage!


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