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A New Year

Posted on 24 September 2012 by admin

Happy New Year! I love that Jewish new Year does not start with drunken revelry, but rather a contemplative and introspective day. It makes so much sense to me to set aside some time to really look back on the past year and make some adjustments for the year ahead. I just read a spot-on article from Dasee Berkowitz over at JLife Consulting about making small commitments to improvement over the new year.

Over at the New World Ketubah household, we throw an annual Rosh Hashana dinner for friends and neighbors. We are lucky enough to live on one of those almost-extinct friendly neighborhoods where we all know each other and hang out together. I like to take the opportunity in the New Year to express my gratitude to them for being our friends and support throughout the year. We don’t have much family close by, so our friends and neighbors are very important to us.

My toast to them this year was one my aunt wished for me earlier that week. She said- May you have only revealed blessings this year. It took me a second the understand what that was, but of course, so many events that end up being ‘blessings’ in our lives are not always obvious as such. Why not have a year (or many) where the blessings are so abundant and obvious that it takes NO interpretation to appreciate them? That would help my challenged little monkey-brain!

So I wish the same for you, and check out Dasee’s article as well!

Shana Tova!

Happy New Year from New World Ketubah

Shana Tova from New World Ketubah

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