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Amazing Judaica

Posted on 17 April 2014 by admin

Seder Plate I

WATER BLOSSOM MENORAH Judaica Design by Amy Reichart


So I have not posted for a while, and it’s going to continue to be spotty I fear. I have immersed myself in a project that I hope will take me in brand new directions creatively. It’s still such a challenge to find time to really be in the studio and not think of business or housework or Mena’s ever growing schedule of activities. Not a terrible problem to have, but a challenge nonetheless.

I’ve been seeing all sorts of conversations about how to use traditional forms and invest them with new meaning that resonates for us now, in our lives today.  As usual, Dasee Berkowits, of Jlife, had a thoughtful essay to share for the Passover holiday.  Every generation redefines Judaism and the tradition of their own families in a way that makes sense to them and enriched their lives. I continue to be so inspired by couples who embrace the tradition and add their own layer of meaning to it.

I saw something in the NY Times yesterday that really inspired me. It was a profile of an architect and Judaica designer named Amy Reichart. I had never heard of her work, which, coming from my cave, means nothing viz her reputation. What I was really struck by was the elegance and thoughtfulness invested into her designs. It made me very happy and hopeful for the world of ceremonial object and of course inspired me no end.

I hope this period of stepping away from ketubah work for a bit will have me returning refreshed and re-inspired to add my own voice to this conversation.

Happy Passove!




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