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Posted on 03 February 2011 by admin

Our third wedding anniversary was a few weeks ago. Last year C bought me a beautiful diamond ring from Tiffany’s.  It wasn’t a giant rock or anything- it was a tasteful, lovely band of small stones set in platinum. It was not an ideal time to be buying expensive jewelry- we have an old house that needs lots of work, and of course our adorable tax deduction comes before anything. Still, he worked to pay it off within a few months and I loved it. I wrote earlier about losing it in October- I have no idea where it went, I just looked at my hand and there was an empty space where the ring should have been. Heartbreaking for a lot of reasons, but there you go. We have the important things.

This year I suggested we make something for each other. I had been asking C for a piece of art for a long time, but inspiration had not yet struck.  This year he powered through and the night before the big day he presented me with a framed print- wonderful! (C makes amazing digital paintings, so even though it’s a ‘print’ the artwork is original- I wrote earlier about our friend Tamar’s ketubah he designed. Hopefully he will be making some ketubah designs for New World soon…)

I, of course, had not even started mine. I had a notion to do a small portrait of us and made a few sketches, but portraiture is not my forte. The I thought about ways to think about our life, and the home we are building. An image of a treehouse came to me. Treehouses have always felt magical to me. I always wanted one as a kid. There is an enchanted autonomy to them, something self-contained that really appeals to me. I saw our life as a kind of tree house- a home inside a living thing. Once that image had planted itself in my head, the rest was easy.

Here’s the painting I made for C, and no it is not yet framed. I call it three and counting. His artwork is also shown. I like how he used my colors… or I used his?

3 and counting- anniversary painting

3 and counting- anniversary painting

Anniversary Print by Cecil Schmidt

3rd anniversary artwork by Cecil Schmidt

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