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Another Green World

Posted on 25 March 2013 by admin

I have referred to our neighborhood as Mayberry before and that is certainly true- of an evening we are out front, kids running from yard to yard or zipping by on their bikes and scooters. Being a former New York apartment dweller, I didn’t think this sort of street existed except on tv.  The twist to the Mayberry model here is that while the openness and neighborliness of the street definitely harks back to fifties America, the specific neighbors we’ve lucked into are waaay cooler. As sheer dumb luck would have it, we ended up right smack in the middle of a community of artists, writers and scientists and just generally awesome folk.
I’ve been looking around my house lately, appreciating what a damned pleasant place it is to live in, and I’d like to start sharing a few salient features.  In regards to both nice neighbors and our pleasant home, I’d like to present one of the prized features of the house- our in-progress Dave Muller mural. Dave is our next door neighbor. He’s a lovely, modest, generous man with an equally fabulous wife, Ann, an artist and writer, and two delightful daughters who are worshiped as minor deities by my own daughter.  This image derives from a larger mural Dave painted in the Dallas Cowboys Stadium. Here’s an interview the NY Times

did with him about that. The image is called ‘Another Green World’, from a Brian Eno album. Dave often uses music and record albums as inspiration for his work. In case it’s not clear, the painting is an orb of clover.  There are lots of different greens in it and every once in a while, Dave will come by with a cup of green paint and fill in a little more of the globe.  I love the teeming mass of green and the humor and serenity of this painting. I kind of hope it never really gets finished.
In the corner above the window is a little stuffed bird and actual nest we installed there about four years ago. I made a bunch of the birds intending to make a mobile over Mena’s crib and never got around to assembling it.


another green world by Dave Muller- Deitschmidt house dining room

another green world by Dave Muller- Deitschmidt house dining room













our dining room with Dave's muraltoy bird/ real nest

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