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Art on a plate

Posted on 30 May 2013 by admin

earth cake

earth cake, sliced Earth cake with interior

earth cake

I just saw this amazing earth-shaped cake on my …um… morning internet research foray. Ok- it can’t all be ketubahs and weddings- Mama needs some brain goo as well.  This is pretty awesome and made me think of my forays into fondant cake creation. Last year, Mena went from her flower cake request (which she revisited this year and got)   to a complete one-eighty to a Spider-man cake. I have no idea where that came from- some boy she admires must haev mentioned it and that was it. Total dedication to a Spider-man theme. If someone could make Spidey a princess they would make a lot of money in my opinion.

Anyway, I got a bee in my bonnet and researched Spider-man cakes and found this site  with a step by step tutorial on making homemade marshmallow fondant. I went from one end of LA to another to find gel food coloring (turns out Michael’s carries it, but I went to a specialty cake decorating shop- who knew they even had those?- It’s a whole hidden world) Making fondant is an exercise is great patience, or if you don’t have that, great frustration. You melt the marshmallows and add an ungodly about of confectioner’s sugar and get something out of Dr. Suess- ooblek I think he called it. It’s gooey and tenacious. After a while and lots of added cornstarch it gets manageable and then you have to color it. Requires patience, again, rubber gloves, and solitude. Because if you have a 4 year old intent on ‘helping’ at your hip, you may have a nervous breakdown. Check. Plus by this point the air is so saturated with sugar that you experience a contact high and might get a bit…cranky.

I vowed it would be my first and last fondant cake (which actually tasted pretty good- all the marshmallow did not suck) then my sister made a passing comment about wanting a Wonder Woman cake for her birthday two months later- had to do it.

And here are the glorious results. Hopefully from here on in it’s Duncan Hines and canned frosting and I’ll leave my creativity to my job.

Wonder Woman cake by Rachel Deitsch

Spider Man Cake by Rachel Deitsch Spider Man Cake

Wonder Woman cake by Rachel Deitsch

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