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Back and better than ever

Posted on 19 March 2010 by admin

Last week we finally did what we’ve been dreaming about for years. We took a week’s vacation- alone together. Left the dear daughter with her Nana and flew off to Mexico. Of course it was amazing. Thank goodness things at home went as smooth as silk- much credit to Nana there. Mena hardly knew we were gone. A week off can hardly balance out three years of non-stop activity, but it definitely put a dent in it. We did very little but walk on the beach, explore the little town nearby and drink fruity drinks with a view of the ocean. Back at home the mango margarita withdrawal has been rough, but I am over the worst and actually back at my desk with renewed energy. It doesn’t hurt that spring is in full stride here and the jasmine/orange blossom/ other yummy flower scent is in the air and making everyone on the street sort of float and smile. Including me. Hello, friend!

view from our Baja hotel room balcony

view from our Baja hotel room balcony

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