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Catch and Release

Posted on 02 May 2013 by admin

I have been thinking about control and letting go and the flow between the two. This week I am working on a new ketubah design and the process can be a dance between reigning in and releasing. It reminds me of something I struggled with recently.

Years ago I watched Martha Stewart decorate a Barbie birthday cake on her show. She had a little girl there to help her and they each had their own cakes to decorate. I watched Martha hover and micromanage the child as she exuberantly threw handfuls of sprinkles on her cake, ignoring the tasteful restraint Martha was trying to impose. Let me just say, I laughed.

And let me just say also, that that laugh came back to bite me in the butt.

Mena had her 5th birthday party a week or so ago- flower theme, flower cake requested. I almost bought a shaped cake pan but decided I didn’t want to own it after the event, so I used Illustrator to figure out the pattern I needed to turn a 9″ cake into 5 petals. Email me if you want the pattern. I used this  canned colored frosting that I swear glows in the dark. Mena of course was so excited but the frosting part proved to be too tedious for her. I gave her the sprinkles and thought I’d let her go to town.

What emerged from some dark place in my psyche was the ghost of Martha Stewart.

I had to bite my tongue and sit on my hands as I watched my delighted 5 year old throw caution to the wind and toss handfuls of the stuff willy-nilly over the surface of my beautifully frosted cake. I know. This is crazy. It’s her cake and it’s being presented to a bunch of sugar-crazed five year olds. Still I had to admit the control freak I had laughed at was rising in me. Ouch. Hello deep dark truthful mirror- where’ve you been?

birthday cake by ketubah artist Rachel Deitsch

Flower Birthday cake

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