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Posted on 07 February 2014 by admin

This just came across my desk- a nice article on Chuppah styles. 

I love the Chuppah tradition- the symbols are powerful and clear (for those of us who prefer not to dig too much for meaning). What you choose for your chuppah can say so much about your intentions for your marriage, much like a ketubah can. I love how couples today are taking traditional rituals and reshaping them to fit meaningfully into their own ceremonies.

At my own wedding, we used my Dad’s tallit for our chuppah, which was very special to me. I had, for my family, a very non-traditional wedding and it took a while to get my folks to come around and support us in it. They loved my husband and celebrated that I was (finally) getting married, but they are very traditional people and they needed some time to ease into our vibe. So having my Dad’s tallit suspended above me in that moment felt like an embrace and a blessing from him.

Did you put special effort into the symbolism of your chuppah? What does it mean to you and your dreams for your marriage?

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