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Echoes and reflections

Posted on 07 April 2013 by admin

Larchmont Temple rededication artwork- Rachel Deitsch
Larchmont Temple rededication artwork- Rachel Deitsch


I had forgotten about this. Back in my NY days, when I was just starting out as a ketubah artist, I got a really cool commission. I can’t remember how they found me, but I do remember some really nice women from the Larchmont, NY Temple hired me to create a fairly large painting for their synagogue’s anniversary. They had a quote they wanted to use and after that they let me run wild. You can see it’s reminiscent of the Beloved design in that is incorporates an abstracted menorah and uses the quote as a background framework. It also has shades of this ketubah, Traditions. At the time I was also still making steel furniture, and was using text as a construction element. (This piece below is from a gazillion years ago, but got a nice amount of attention in the design press at the time. That was cool.)  Anyway.

I like the colors on this one and am less crazy about the heavy-handed bottom strip. It’s nice to look at old work and have a little more perspective. There are many thing I look at and cringe, so it’s refreshing when I can see with fresh eyes and appreciate that I haven’t been just sitting around eating bonbons for the past 40-mumble years.

Makes me kind of want to get that old welding mask out of the garage though…

Poetica Screen by Rachel Deitsch

Poetica Screen by Rachel Deitsch, from about a million years ago. I still love it.

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