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Elves, and other ketubah helpers

Posted on 02 June 2011 by admin

I’ve been thinking about that damned shoemaker a LOT lately. I maight be missing the meat of the story, and I haven’t actually looked it up, but to the best of my recollection, there’s a shoemaker who doesn’t actually do his own work, or does it partially, and then at night while he’s sleeping, a bunch of elves come in and do his work- really really well- for him. He wakes up, reaps the benefit of someone else’s labor and becomes wildly successful. I think I have the basics correct here, right?

So, what I want to know- universe, I’m talking to you here- is where are my elves? I have a pile of work to do, no bandwidth to get it all done and yet when I wake up (waaay to early, thank you Miss Mena) it’s all there waiting for me. Not done.

Elfin assistance notwithstanding, I have actually been busy and am posting weeks and months later to share.

First-an AMAZING new artist- Tamara Jones- has joined my little coven here. (if I ever get my husband to sit down and contribute some of his awesome artwork, I’ll have to rename that, but until then, coven sounds appropriately magical, no?)

Tamara is an incredible artist who has been hiding her huge talent under a bushel. We have known her for some time, but it wasn’t until she walked into our studio to discuss printing some of her work (we print local artists’ work here from time to time) that I saw what she was doing. Of course I was all over her in a minute, demanding to grab her juiciest work for New World Ketubah.  We worked together onteh collection a few months back and came up with something we are both very excited about. The Tamara Jones Ketubah collection is so lovely- her colors just boggle and the complexity and layering of her botanical images just get you lost in the images. Veil of Flowers is a favorite, but I love them all.

Next- Budget Ketubahs! Already up and running, but I haven’t really written about them yet. Next post.

Now I’m going to hunt me up some elves…

Tamara Jones Lace of Flowers Ketubah

Ketubah by Tamara Jones- Lace of Flowers

Veil of Flowers Ketubah by Tamara Jones

Ketubah by Tamara Jones- Veil of Flowers

Pink Lily Ketubah by Tamara Jones

Ketubah by Tamara Jones- Pink Lily

Lily Pad with Flowers Ketubah by Tamara Jones

Ketubah by Tamara Jones- LilyPad with Flowers

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