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Flowers and Trees

Posted on 15 March 2013 by admin

This morning there was a bit of fog still settled over the valley as I climbed up the path and these amazing little blue flowers are all over the hillside, the petals already dropping on the ground to create a speckled carpet. Pretty sweet.  I thought about flowers and growth and spring pretty much for the entire hour today. I thought about the trees that have been my companions through the chilly winter mornings. I thought about why so many weddings occur in the spring and how many ketubahs feature flowers and trees.  I thought about the difference between flowers and trees and what I think about when I paint them or use them in a ketubah design or artwork.  I love the dialogue between the two. I paint flowers and trees in ketubahs to speak to those feelings at the moment you begin your lives together.  The fleeting, breathtaking beauty and the reassuring solidity flow back and forth, as necessary.

Detail from Jewels ketubah

detail from Idyll ketubah


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