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Friday Roundup

Posted on 31 May 2013 by admin

Here are some things I’ve found on my…um..research forays.. on the internet. Some are even wedding related!

A swing that grows vines– very cool

Wedding Trend- Stripes! I like the crispness for summer.

DIY Wedding Bearer Box– rustic and charming

Online wedding thank you notes? Are we doing that now? I dunno…. This is a tough one, I am all for conserving paper, but this seems lazy.

3-D food printer in development. 3-D printing is a secret passion of mine. I cannot wait to live in that Star Trek world where I merely name the food I want. I really don’t like to cook. Plus- the future!

And I’ll leave you with this- some really pretty pom-pom shots, just because!

I am off to join my 4 sisters in the Berkshires to celebrate our fearless leader’s birthday! Have a great weekend!

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