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Friday roundup

Posted on 24 May 2013 by admin

River artwork by ketubah artist Rachel Deitsch

River- a new painting

I thought you might be interested in what I’m looking at on my time sucking, I mean researching forays into the interweb.  I look at a lot of design, given my furniture-making background and other design-y jobs in my past. I also look at mom stuff and wedding stuff, natch.

Here for your perusal, is a small sampling of the vast wandering I’ve done hither and yon this week:

Great article about wedding preparedness. Something I did NOT possess at my own…

Some thoughtful words by a lovely soul

  Very beautiful wall paper and home products.

I may be the last one to have seen this guy and what he does with pancake batter, but holy cow!

 This looks like the beginning of a very interesting art/design project.

This is one of those bizarre too much time on your hands projects I may in fact do … some day

A heartbreak kit. Hopefully no one reading a wedding blog is there…

Beautiful lighting design

These would be awesome bridesmaids gifts- see- wedding!

I hope this is fun, and if I’ve inadvertently led you down the rabbit hole of lost time, I do apologize but am glad for the company!


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