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Gone Fishing

Posted on 08 October 2010 by admin

I posted this summer about our trip down south and all the fun experiences we had with Mena. Life is so exciting viewed through the eyes of a two year old. One of the activities that really took root inher was the fishing she and her dad and cousin did off the dock. A caught her first fish and Mena had a toy rod to cast with that truly thrilled her. It was pretty awesome all around. When we got home and were looking through the vacation photos, she became really animated at the fishing pictures. I remembered seeing this post by that guy who makes me so jealous with all his perfect kid ideas. I bet they don’t even have a tv. OK, rant-let over. Anyhoo, I remembered the fishing pole toy he made his kids and decided some version of that felt doable.

We had lots of fun coloring fish (I drew, she colored) and cutting them out and making fishing poles from chopsticks, embroidery thread and paper clips. We drew water on a sheet of paper and laid the fish down and fished over and over.  Over time we’ve made octopi and whales and mama and baby fish- an entire ocean’s worth!

Note on my method-The thing he did which I should have, is he put his magnets on the pole, rather than the fish. Those magnets are pretty strong and dangerous if swallowed, so I’ve had to keep careful track of them. I am not really fearful of Mena swallowing them, but we do have tiny visitors who might, so I suppose I should sit down and switch them out.

In any case- I am happy to report- HUGE HIT. We made those fish in July and here it is three months later and she still goes for the rods and fishes at least once a week. I go through my crafty phases- and usually drift away before any magnum opus is complete (see: sofa recovering project,  Feb., 2010 -?) I am always reading about amazing parents who sew their kids’ clothes and build them play houses and are generally awesome. I even personally know some parents like that.  ne of the hard-won rewards of my late-blooming adulthood has been accepting the fact that I am what I am.

Still, I am so darned proud of this little project and how incredibly successful it’s been with my 10-second attention span child.

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