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June, the July Bride

Posted on 02 August 2010 by admin

My awesome friend June Melby got married to her true love, Tim about a week ago. June is a writer and spoken word artist and a generally creative and hilarious person.  She met Tim at a parade, which I love, and it turns out they came from the same little home town in Iowa and her dad was Tim’s high school teacher! Small world. They are going to live in a cabin in the woods and for her wedding, June chose the Trees ketubah.  Neither Tim nor June are Jewish, but they loved the idea of the ketubah and we ended up doing her ketubah text in English and Norwegian! (Not the strangest request I’ve gotten- I’ve done a ketubah in Chinese as well!)  It was a small, family ceremony up in the cabin, (featuring pie for dessert) and June just sent some lovely pictures, (including the pie- did I mention the pie?) . June and Tim look so gloriously happy and I feel so honored to have been a part of their celebration. Mazal Tov June and Tim!

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