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Latke Sandwich, anyone?

Posted on 05 December 2013 by admin

So, while the ketubah elves are snoozing a bit at the end of another busy year, I thought I would share some holiday joy. Latke sandwich- genius, right?

Last day of Hanukka. My head was all over the place this year- it was so crazy early and mashed together with Thanksgiving, which doesn’t lend itself to an easy portmanteau like Chistmakka. I am meh about Thanksgiving on a good year, despite its being our sort of anniversary. In fact I think the last time I did host a Thanksgiving was the year I met Cecil. We tend to be pretty lame about things like birthday’s and anniversaries. I wish I were one of those people who made an occasion out of everything, but it’s not in my DNA. (This, however is SO in my genes- yiddish curses, anyone?)

We do like to make a fuss over latkes though, because there is very little shopping involved aside from a ton of potatoes. Latkapalooza 5774 was great fun. We had a robot bouncy house, because why not, fired up ‘Big Ted’, Ed Martin’s enormous Le Creuset pot,  over a propane fire outside, and let er rip. This year we also tried Sufganiyot but upped the game with dulce de leche filling. The only change for next year will be to triple the recipe. Holy cow.


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