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Light it up!

Posted on 01 December 2010 by admin

Tonight is the first night of Chanuka. Until yesterday afternoon I was sure it was last night- some calendar confusion occurred. I had planned a small latke-fest, mostly in honor of my in-laws last night with us, but also to test out the plan to use our turkey fryer for latke production. The turkey fryer has a noble history on the south and this year my husband broke ours out and made a really yummy bird, so the thing was primed.  My mother-in–law is not Jewish, but she’s totally into all the holidays. In fact our menorah was a gift from her.

Let me tell you- deep frying is the way to go- not an inch or so of hot oil- but like six! We spooned the mixture onto one of those big mesh scoops and lowered them into the oil. Two minutes later- perfection! Platter after platter just disappeared. That was for a crowd of maybe 6 or 7 adults and 6 kids. Sunday we have upwards of 40 showing up hungry! I’m very glad we had a trial run. Now we know what we’re in for.

Even though it’s really her third Chanuka, this is the first year Mena is really aware of the holiday. We’ve read some books and she’s grokked enough to know there are presents and chocolate involved.

Since she did not have her own menorah, I thought I’d like to try and make one. When I sat down to sketch I immediately hit on a traditional shape but with these little spheres running up the spines. I wish I’d saved my sketch because it was pretty right on. (I am trying to be less pack-ratty about keeping every scrap of paper, but sometimes something I want gets tossed)

It took a few days of rolling beads and two tries at an armature, but I am pretty pleased with the result. Mena was tickled too, but I think most of the thrill for her came from getting to hold real fire. I must admit I got a little choked up from all the cuteness.

Happy Chanuka (or Hannukah) to all, and to all a good night!

sculpey menorah by Rachel

Mena's Sculpey Menorah


First night of Chanuka

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