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My life as a jewish parable…again.

Posted on 29 June 2011 by admin

I finally feel better today than I have in weeks. It was some raging form of bronchitis that did me it. Four weeks ago, we had a four year old friend over, who was coughing a bit. Then a few days later, Mena came down with it, and of course in perfect three year old form, proceeded to share the love by coughing and sneezing DIRECTLY into our faces, even up our noses to transfer the germs most efficiently. Usually it’s my husband who comes down with everything Mena drags in (I have been known to be quite smug on this account- ha!) but this time I got it first- and how. So. Three weeks of wheezing and hacking up some alarming looking- um- bio-products? Anyway. I am not a good patient and wailed about my reduced condition to whoever would listen.
Time dragged until finally I woke up today, feeling better! It’s like the clouds have parted and a joyous chorus of flying monkeys are singing hosannas and playing harps. My normal level of energy (not ever very high) now feels like a mighty herculean force!
There’s an old Jewish story about the guy who goes to his rabbi to complain about his living situation. He says ‘Rabbi, I live in a tiny house with my wife and children and in-laws. It’s just one room and we are so crowded we need to sleep in shifts! Please help me.’
The Rabbi asks him- ‘Do you have chickens?’
The man say- ‘I do.’

The Rabbi instructs the man to bring the chickens into the house to live with him and come back in a week. Of course when he returns his despair is even greater- now in addition to the people in his house, the chickens are driving everyone crazy. The Rabbi instructs the man to bring his goat into the house. So the next week, the man returns in true distress, what with the chickens and the goat and the chaos they create. The Rabbi says ‘Bring in your donkey’. The third time the man returns he is distraught beyond belief. The Rabbi says- ‘Ok, now, get the chickens, the goat and the doneky out of your house.’
The man returns the next day to the rabbi in great high spirits. His house is suddenly huge and quiet, with only his wife, children and in-laws in there! How can he ever thank the rabbi?
That’s how I feel, now that that darned donkey has finally moved out of my lungs….
Happy Summer Everyone!

Happy bird by Rachel Deitsch

Yellow Bird of Happiness...and Health!

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