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New Work- a river runs through it

Posted on 30 May 2013 by admin

Hilltop by Rachel Deitsch of New World Ketubah

Hilltop by Rachel Deitsch

Water Lily by Rachel Deitsch of New World Ketubah
Water Lily by Rachel Deitsch

River by Rachel Deitsch of New World Ketubah
New Painting- ‘River’ by Rachel Deitsch

Here are some images of paintings I have been working on. Some may become ketubahs, some will just be what they are. When I’m thinking about a new ketubah design I think about the feelings a new marriage brings up. I come back to the same images over and over and sometimes something new shows up, which can be very cool. The last image here, the river, is probably one that I will continue to explore for a long time. I have not seen river imagery in ketubahs much, but I think it’s a very apropos connection. All the ideas about being a couple and what you hope for on your wedding day and the journey of your lives together- they really do evoke a river to me. The way a relationship may look the same from the outside but is always changing. The way a river can sometimes not be controlled as you’d wish it, but will take it’s own direction. You resist at your own peril. And the way, if you are lucky and follow the natural motion, a river will take you home.


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