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Open Immediately

Posted on 22 November 2010 by admin

Open immediately- a cautionary tale
Life just keeps teaching some awfully useful lessons. Like this past weekend I learned that I really need to have an ‘Open Immediately’ sticker on all my ketubah packages. And starting tomorrow I will.
Friday night I came home from dinner to a phone message from a rabbi in Michigan. She said she was looking over a ketubah for a wedding to take place on Sunday and noticed a typo. Even checking and double-checking can result it an error- and folks, this one was mine, I hate to admit.
Since it was impossible to ship a new print out to arrive on Sunday, I wracked my brain trying to come up with a solution. One thing you do not want to be is the person who ruins someone’s wedding! I had several less than satisfactory scenarios running in my head when my fantastic problem-solving husband stepped in. He jumped on Google and began searching for local printers with the same high-end equipment I use for my ketubahs.  I sent out half a dozen pleading emails, hoping SOMEONE was going to be open on a Saturday and be able to help us. We found several more possibilities on the local Craigslist site. So entreaties sent out and phone numbers noted down, I went to bed with a lighter heart.
Early the next morning (still waking up super-early thanks to daylight savings) I checked my email…nothing. I started making calls to the auxiliary list and left some messages. Somewhere between frantically trying to think of Plan C and making coffee, I did get an email from a super-nice guy at our first choice printshop. He happened to be working on a Saturday (a ketubah miracle?) and was happy to help. (Thank you Rod and Titan Printing!). I uploaded the file (after triple-checking the text…again) and got in touch with the rabbi and the groom. They were both sweet as pie and very cool. Everyone was glad it worked out so tidily, most of all me.
So the day was saved thanks to some very lovely people and my genius husband.
My cautionary tale ended happily, true, but it would have been so much simpler had I just had an OPEN IMMEDIATELY sticker on the package. And so I will. From now on.

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  1. Melissa Dinwiddie Says:

    Wow! What a horror story! I’m so glad it came out okay, and I’ll be adding OPEN IMMEDIATELY stickers to my ketubah packages from now on too!

    Thanks for the tip! :)

  2. admin Says:

    Thankfully it wasn’t a horror story- everyone was super chill. I hope the story did not come off as a scold! But it did wake me up to the fact that even if I send a package with plenty of time to spare, I have to ensure that it’s inspected asap. As good as I’ve gotten over the years, things happen.

  3. Melissa Dinwiddie Says:

    No, no — it didn’t come off as a scold at all. Just a stressful situation (of which I’ve seen my share of myself over the years..)

    And you’re right — when I ship off a ketubah with lots of time to spare, I always assume the client will check it right away… but that doesn’t mean they actually will! A sticker on the package is a great idea.

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