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Postage Stamps

Posted on 19 April 2013 by admin

This week has been busy. Had my bff Jeri in town. We ran all over the place. Then it was Mena’s 5th birthday party involved her entire class- mostly girls. [There was a bouncy castle, pink of course, a flower shaped cake, shrinky dink necklaces (flower shaped as well) and a pinata. 25 kids.]  And this weekend we go camping as a family for the first time ever.

But I wanted to share this at least. I was at the post office, loading up on stamps for thank you cards, and I bought a few sheets of these-


USPS Modern Art postage stamps

USPS Modern Art postage stamps

Gorgeous, right? I bought some to use and a sheet to save. I am not a stamp collector per se, but really lovely ones feel like tiny pieces of art and I do tend to hoard them. Acquiring these reminded me of a bit of long ago history of my own career. Believe it or not, I too have designed postage stamp art. I dug them up and present them to you forthwith:

I did these back in 1996, the year of the Jerusalem 3000 anniversary celebration. It was a few years before I moved there (that was 2000 and I stayed 2 years) but I’d lived there and visited before and knew the city pretty well. I loved the building all piled one on top of the other into the hillsides of the city, the ancient stone gates, the intense colors the light there engenders. I haven’t specifically depicted Jerusalem in any of my ketubah work yet- some private commissions I think had some of this imagery- but I am looking at this work and thinking… Might be time to revisit this?

postage stamp art by Rachel Deitsch

Postage Stamp Art by Rachel Deitsch, circa 1996

Ketubah artist Rachel Deitsch- postage stamp art
Postage Stamps of Jerusalem Scenes by Rachel Deitsch circa 1996

Postage Stamp- Jerusalem 3000 Anniversary, 1996, by Rachel Deitsch
Collector’s Stamp of Jerusalam 300 Celebration, 1996. Artwork by ketubah artist Rachel Deitsch



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