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Previous Lives – part 2

Posted on 17 June 2009 by admin

Continuing on the musings of my circuitous career path. I don’t think I ever really had a plan- for anything really. It was always the little pokes into new worlds that brought me the greatest changes in my life. I took a welding class, for instance, a few years after finishing college. I enrolled with my sister, who I was living with at the time, with the idea that we could make a table for our apartment. Yes, this is a little weird. It somehow made much more sense to learn an entirely new and kind of scary skill, figure out how to design a table that would look and work the way we wanted it to and somehow build it than to just go out and buy a table. This is not an unusual thought process for me. It always somehow seems easier just to do whatever myself, whether or not I possess any of the tools required. See? Not a lot of thinking.
Anyway, we start the class. And I absolutely fall in love with welding. It appeals to the gadget-geek in me- all the knobs and tubes! And there is something magical about the way you can see the metal change states from solid to liquid and then flow together to form something new. Love it!
My sister is a more sensible person. She enjoyed her time and went on with her life. I decided that welding was my destiny and started making all this odd furniture. I basically just took my drawings and rendered them in steel. One thing sort of led to another and before I knew it people were taking me seriously as a furniture designer, pictures of my work appeared in a few magazines and I even won a prize! It was pretty heady there for a while. Eventually things settled down and my love affair with welding cooled a bit and life pointed me elsewhere. But my adventure with melting steel will always remind me that it’s the afterthoughts in life that often lead to the richest rewards. More on that later…

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