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Previous Lives part 3 or something

Posted on 01 October 2010 by admin

Thinking about new work has cast my mind back to a whole other life.  Before ketubahs, I did a lot of other kind of designing. I studied Illustration at school (Parson’s School of Design in NYC) and had hoped to do children’s books. I did end up illustrating book covers and did one children’s book, but eventually other pursuits called. I’ve touched on this before, but now I’ve got pictures!

So I learned to weld out of mild curiosity and a vague desire to make a table. The table was a disaster, but on the way I fell in love with welding. The process is so concentrated, everything else falls away. You hover over your work waiting for the one moment when solid becomes liquid and the molten steel flows- hopefully where you wish it to. It’s exactly the same as certain moments in painting, when the brush becomes an extension of your eye and the alchemy of paper, paint, and pressure creates something magical.  Welding did that for me and designing furniture was completely exciting. See my drawings come to three dimensional life was exhilarating and I’d probably be doing it still if wanderlust hadn’t taken over my life about 10 years ago. For the sake of ease of movement, I traded my oxy-acetylene torch and angle grinders in for watercolor and brushes and here I am today.

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