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Previous lives

Posted on 17 June 2009 by admin

Thinking today on the weird windy path that has brought me to this moment. In a lot of ways where I am now is sort of full circle from where I started. I began my ‘career’ as an illustrator. That’s what I studied in school. And when I left school I did do that work for a while. I did illustration for magazines, books and book covers. I even did a few stamps for a couple of small Caribbean nations. That was fun. I think my favorite thing about that time was the book covers. My job was to take a whole story and find an image that conveyed, if not literally at least the spirit of, the essence of the book. It made me think and push myself. I did a few projects that I’m still proud of today. It’s still a thrill to see my own artwork in glossy cover stock wrapped around a book, especially if it’s a book I like.

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