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Posted on 13 January 2011 by admin

I don’t, actually. Make them. I have vague notions about change twice a year (I love that I have two calendars to choose from, so if my Rosh Hashana resolve doesn’t pan out, I can start fresh in January). I must admit, I do set goals and make plans- we all do. I just find that for me, the shortest distance between A and B is generally not a straight line. There has been a meandering quality to my life that I have come to simply accept in my middle years (at least I hope these are my middle years). I make grand plans, but it’s always the little changes, decisions made on the fly, that have brought the greatest change in my life.
For instance, I have mentioned elsewhere about my stint as a welder/furniture designer. That seemingly huge leap from illustration actually happened with a tiny idea, a slight deviation from my path. I wanted a table, made a drawing, took a class to make it. It was a very natural extension of my drawings, just rendered in steel. It was a very slight turn that ended up putting me, through various situations and opportunities that came up as a result of translating my drawings into steel, into a totally different spot had I simply not done that. I truly believe had I set out to become a furniture designer, something entirely different would have happened. That’s just me.
When I started making artwork for ketubahs, same thing. I was making illustrations at the time and some I think cousins were getting married- like three at once. I have a HUGE family, so three cousins marrying in one year is nothing at all. Still, the unusual aspect of this particular multiple cousin-betrothal is that I happened to like all of them and wanted to do something special. So I painted ketubahs- or rather painted around a silk screened ketubah text. I had no idea really what a ketubah was, aside from you needed one- that was an education I acquired later. I continued to make hand painted ketubahs as gifts for a few years while doing other work for money. When my sister got married, I went all out. And when my next sister got married I finally got interested in what in fact I was doing. A few well-placed connections later, I discovered the beauty of high end digital art printing and a business was born. Again, had I set out to end up here, who knows.
And the list goes on; moving to any of the five cities I lived in in a space of five years, meeting my husband- after he had decided to remain single forever and loudly declared it, etc.
So for this new year (already two weeks old!) I am keeping my resolution-making simple. Stay open. Roll with the punches. Accept what is.
How about you?

my sister's hand-painted ketubah

Hand painted ketubah from 1995

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