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Some thoughts about weddings

Posted on 21 June 2013 by admin

I have some few links I want to share. Some tasty wedding ideas and some chin stroking thought on marriage, in this, the ketubah season. Did you catch this article in the New York Times by A. O. Scott?  I will quote forthwith- this really resonated with me-

The idea that lifetime love equals long-term labor pops up in rehearsal-dinner and anniversary-party toasts, and in parental advice and pastoral counseling sessions. It is one of those kernels of common sense that always seems to go without saying, but that also somehow requires constant reiteration.

Here are two wedding ideas- jewelry made from broken china– interesting possibility for the plate broken under the chuppah?

And this lovely ring bearer plate– DIY!

This was a highly domestic week. For whatever reason the advent of official summer, possibly some kind of avoidance impulse, I wanted to spend this week just being in my home and doing home and mom stuff. Odd, I know since ketubah season is in full swing, but I can be perverse that way.

I spent one day baking desserts, (I make this brownie and it’s out of this world), and bunch of lasagnas to freeze and give away. I went to the farmer’s market with Mena- it’s quicker when I go alone, but she gets more interested in the fruits and vegetables we get if she helps select them. Plus it’s nice to have the company. She always picks out a potted flower or two to add to the garden when we go. I am not the kind of person who thinks about flowers and neither is Cecil so thanks to Mena we actually have some peeking out between the kale.  I took Mena to the zoo and the pony rides at Griffith Park. She had this notion about riding lessons so I thought she should experience being on a horse for reals. The twice I’ve been on one I was impressed by how high you are off the ground. She went on the medium sized ponies once and that was it, lessons tables for another year or two. All in all, it was very pleasant, being domestic. I kind of hope the spell will break and I’ll be a bit more on my game next week, but the muse has been elusive of late and I can only sit and wait for her next appearance.

Meanwhile, I bake.

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