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Summer drift

Posted on 17 July 2014 by admin

We are back east for our summer visit to the holy land- the Catskills. This is the time to liner over coffee on the screen porch, let the breeze drift in, listen to the water slosh against the stone wall. There have been Canadian geese here the past few days.  Blue dragonflies that the kids run screaming from. My little nature girl allows herself to be drawn into the city kids’ phobia of all things outdoor. All the time we spent gently introducing her to ‘worm friends’ and encouraging her to handle bugs- totally undone in the face of a new friendship.

The best part so far has been the rain. After so long in drought-ridden Southern Cali, the pleasure of falling asleep to the sound of a gentle, or even not so gentle, downpour is deep and fortifying. We wake to fresh skies and the water level an inch higher in the lake. More to swim in!

I’ve identified my summer organizing project. I try and tackle one part of the place as a contribution to my visit every year. I wonder sometimes if my mom simply tolerates my going through her stuff and refolding all her linens. She does fine without me, and it’s not like I’m so organized at home. Other peoples messes are so much more straightforward then one’s own, I find. So I tackle hers and ignore my own growing piles.

My other project is to come up with a studio name for the new work I’ve been doing. I sometimes post the occasional non-ketubah art piece here and sometimes someone actually wants to buy one of those. So cool! I have been at the ketubah biz for a while and am chomping at the bit for some new challenges. This spring I took a surface design class and have been steadily amassing a portfolio of work for that market. It’s a bit of a shift to do pattern work, and it’s been a learning curve but I’m getting the hang of it. My goal is to have enough designs at the end of the summer to launch a new studio. I figure I’m about halfway there, maybe a third. But the name has been evading me and I hope this is the week it pops fully formed into my head.

Get to it, muse!

Water Lily by Rachel Deitsch of New World Ketubah

Water Lily by Rachel Deitsch

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