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Summer’s end

Posted on 12 August 2013 by admin

White Lake summer 2013

Summer has once again flown by. This is a momentous season because come next week, Mena will be an official school kid- no more pre-school! Kindergarten here we come!

We just got back from three lovely weeks back east. We were up in the catskills where my family has been going since we were kids. It doesn’t feel like summer to me until I see that lake. Mena runs feral with a gang of cousins from breakfast to dinner time, when we snag her, throw her in the lake for a ‘bath’ and send her off to bed. I had hoped to do some painting or drawing or ever think about painting or drawing while I was up there but somehow three weeks is not enough time to do all the lazing about I needed to do and still be productive. I have some new ketubah designs in the hopper, but frankly it takes a whole lot of percolating to get that stuff cooked. At this point I have just accepted that that’s how I roll.

Now we’re back in Mayberry which is a pretty lovely spot itself. Neighbors are touching base, returning from their various summer adventures. Life has shifted once again and change, as always, is a constant.

I hope you’ve had a tranquil, exciting, relaxing, invigorating, replenishing, productive summer my friends.

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