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Taking dictation

Posted on 29 March 2010 by admin

I am re-learning to accept what is rather than what I wish it were. I remember sitting in a life-drawing session in Tel Aviv years back when I lived there. I noticed there was a dialogue happening in my head about the relationship between the model and my drawing. It was about what my eye saw versus what I wanted it to be. And what the eye saw always won. And as I drew I thought that this was a lesson about acceptance. Taking what is and submitting to the truth of the moment.

And so it is again. It’s Passover eve and we are a disaster. I caught Mena’s cold Friday and last night it bloomed into an atomic powered chest thing that makes me sound like those old Brenda Vicarro commercials for…what was it she sold? Anyway, instant twenty-year smoker voice. We’re going to have to improvise something at home for tonight and hope that we can still make the Pasadena Temple seder tomorrow night. Very disappointing. Plans have to be scrapped and remade and possibly remade again. The body is once again dictating and all I can do is obey.

Happy Passover!

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