Thanksgivikka Ho!

Posted on 25 November 2013 by admin

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So I just wrote that subject line to the friend who is hosting us for Thanksgiving and belatedly realized that could be interpreted as a salutation, as in SHE’S the Thanksgiving Ho.  Not cool if I want to score a second serving of pie.

It’s finally Fall weather here in Mayberry. The 90 degree weather has cooled to a balmy 65 and my thoughts turn to winter gardens and closed-toe shoes. Yesterday was one of those idyllic low-bar days. I had a short list of accomplish-able tasks that actually got done.

I did some gardening to get the bed ready for the lettuce crop- my favorite of the year. Mena helped for a bit, picking and choosing which plants would receive her loving attention and which would wither and die. She getting old enough now that her ‘helping’ is actually helpful. I have been waiting for this for a long time. Aside from the fresh salad greens every night, the main reason we do a vegetable garden is to demonstrate a bit of the food chain to our daughter. So, you know, come the zombie apocalypse she can forage for edibles in the woods. Yeah, you go there as a parent.

So, garden in, we came inside to ice the ninja gingerbread cookies we’d baked the day before. I don’t know what Martha Stewart has sold to the devil to make her cookies so perfect, but it was probably major. Those things are tough! Mena did not notice the glops in what was a fairly epic cookie fail.

I had put dinner into the slow cooker in the afternoon, so my next task was to organize the tiny cabinet that serves as the pantry. Mena got into it and edged me out and then went on to organize all the other cupboards in the kitchen.  Again- waited a long time to get to there.
I don’t know why all this was so satisfying, but it really was. Life often feels like a malfunctioning treadmill- all you can do is run like a spaz and try not to fall flat on your face. Then you get a day where what you plan and what happens are pretty much in synch, and maybe even something extra is delivered, like your kid quietly sitting with her dad after dinner to play a game while you can apply yourself to a jigsaw puzzle. And you have the presence of mind to look up for a second and appreciate the rare and beautiful moment you are lucky enough to get right now.


I hope you have a few moments this week. Happy Thanksgiving, Happy Hanukah!

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