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Posted on 14 November 2013 by admin

Yes, I have not posted in a dog’s age- since the summer? What the heck, time? Lots been going on at the New World Ketubah house. We started kindergarten! (one of us) We started a whole new business (another one of us, not me…yet) We acquired, through no effort of our own at all, two delicious remotely-cared-for babies, in the form of one delectable niece and one spectacular nephew who arrived within three weeks of each other. I shlepped Mena across the country to meet them a few weeks ago. She was much more interested in Bubbe’s trampoline and the age appropriate cousins who could enjoy said with her. And Fall, she got some of that good stuff too.

But what has shaken the cobwebs off to write today? (and hopefully gotten the momentum back to keep writing?) This!

There have been a flurry or articles about the confluence of Hanuka and Thanksgiving but honestly I have not gotten too excited about it until I saw one family’s Kickstarter campaign (successfully funded) to produce this awesome menorah for this special year. Thanks for getting my head into the holiday spirit Weintraub family!


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