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Tuning up

Posted on 29 April 2013 by admin

Sometimes it’s the littlest things. Even though I keep up a pretty good practice of drawing and painting as a ketubah artist, I never feel like I have given my craft its due focus. Of course, in my pre-mom life I could stay up ’til all hours and sleep waaay in if I so desired (and I often did so desire), nowadays I have a fairly rigorous non-creative schedule to keep to.  Between preschool drop off and pick up and household-y errands, I have a few hours to get ketubah biz done and that might be the work day until tomorrow. Creativity can often get lost in the day to day-ness of life and before you know it the thing you love, the thing that brings you such joy is withering on the vine.
Around the new year (I know, that’s a long time ago) I vowed to get back to drawing for reals.  Though there was nothing stopping me from leaving my cozy house in the evening and getting to a class, I simply did not go.  I continued to announce my intention of going each week and then would faithfully not go each week. At least I was consistent in my failure.
Until finally I did go. I made a date with a girlfriend (and granted the first attempt ended up with us getting cocktails around the corner, but eventually we did get our butts there) and I got the old tools out of the shed and started drawing again. For real.
I can go on and on and quite rhapsodically about the rhythms of the hand and the eye and the constant inner mantra of ‘is it true?, is it true?’ that happens when you get in the zone.  It roots me in the world like nothing else and why the heck has it taken me so long to get back home?

drawing by ketubah artist Rachel Deitsch

lady drawing- by rachel deitsch

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