Wedding anniversay- or 50 feels like 100!

Posted on 16 August 2012 by admin

Hi there! Haven’t posted in a while- just wanted to let my loyal reader (I won’t presume to pluralize that) know that all is well in ketubah land.  We have been busy playing hard- some new products I am hoping to unveil sometime before the decade draws to a close. I’ve been back east spending time with my family and celebrating my parents’ 50th wedding anniversary. Holy cow! Fifty years of being married. I asked my mother how that felt and she said- ‘Feels like 100 years!’ I guess collectively they have been married 100 years.

It’s something to think about, after the wedding fun and the settling down, that those of us who are very, very lucky can find themselves looking that far back with their partner.  I haven’t been married so very long but I’m very lucky to be surrounded by wonderful examples of long-haul wedded bliss.

Since all the siblings were in roughly the same place at the same time, we planned a really lovely dinner in NYC, wrote silly, moving, funny sweet tributes that we read in birth order, had lots of wine, oohed and aahed at a time-line slide show and just generally felt very happy and lucky to be there together celebrating.

The image below was taken from their wedding album, scanned on the sly. I added the banner and had them made into coasters, which came out AWESOME.  I do love a nice souvenir.

Mom and Dad wedding portrait 1962

Mom and Dad wedding portrait 1962

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