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Wedding tattoos, summer heat and some tasty fish

Posted on 30 June 2013 by admin

Here’s some fun wedding stuff I’ve scouted on the web this week- wedding tattoos anyone? Maybe an image from your ketubah? We can make that happen!

This was an editorial on a stylish fun wedding– no ketubah but still super cute.

Summer is in full swing here- the temperature in Mayberry today will reach the mid 90’s and break 100 over the weekend.  I am a very sensitive flower and my window of comfort has about a five degree range and 90 is way beyond it. Cecil grea up in New Orleans and when it gets sultry like this he just smiles and loosens up.

Mena is already three weeks into day camp and is surprisingly happy with a full schedule. We have a giant kiddie pool- set up out back, so big that even on a super hot day the kids emerge blue lipped and shivering. We’ve been hanging out on the patio behind the studio and enjoying the shade of the giant cypresses with a glass of rose on ice. No wonder I’m barely getting anything done!

Here’s what we’re eating to stay cool- salt cured salmon (gravlax) that my mom has been making for ages. Here’s how I do it:

Start with a nice fresh side of salmon, preferably skin on, but I’ve done it without and it’s fine too.

Mix 1/4 cup of kosher salt with a tablespoonful of sugar and a healthy pinch of ground pepper. In lieu of sugar, a bunch of fresh dill is nice too.

Rub the salt mixture into the flesh of the fish, if you have dill, layer it on top.

Wrap the fish tightly in cling wrap and set in the fridge under weights for about 48 hrs. My method is to set the fish in a pyrex dish then top it with another slightly smaller pyrex and load a bunch of heavier stuff into that pan. I have a tiny fridge so there is no room to spare. The pyrex helps collect any expelled moisture from the fish.

After two days, remove the fish, unwrap, rinse and slice thin. It’s almost sushi-like. I like to serve it with creme fraiche (I’m fancy like that), and dill on a melba toast type cracker. A little fizzy wine and maybe an easy rustic fruit tart and we’re happy as clams!

Enjoy the weekend, loyal reader!

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