Wedding goodies roundup

August 16th, 2013

Here are a few fun wedding-y and some non-ketubah related fun things for your time-wasting pleasure:

Wedding Tattoos!?

Fun Urban Wedding

This is just the coolest. I would never work this hard, but I am very lazy.

Planet cake tutorial– for, y’know, your ‘spare’ time…

you’re welcome!


Same sex ketubahs in the Huffington Post!

August 14th, 2013










This is very cool- an article about ketubahs for same sex couples in Huffington Post!

I have been doing same sex ketubahs since I started my business, and I’ve written a bit about my thoughts about same sex marriage. It would be nice if the law was one thing and religion was another but that does not seem to be the case, more and more these days. Anyway, I’m glad that the Supreme Court has at last ruled and maybe we can all get on with it. I loved being able to provide a marriage certificate where there was no legal document to compliment it, but I’ll be happy to have my ketubah hand alongside the marriage license as well.



Summer’s end

August 12th, 2013

White Lake summer 2013

Summer has once again flown by. This is a momentous season because come next week, Mena will be an official school kid- no more pre-school! Kindergarten here we come!

We just got back from three lovely weeks back east. We were up in the catskills where my family has been going since we were kids. It doesn’t feel like summer to me until I see that lake. Mena runs feral with a gang of cousins from breakfast to dinner time, when we snag her, throw her in the lake for a ‘bath’ and send her off to bed. I had hoped to do some painting or drawing or ever think about painting or drawing while I was up there but somehow three weeks is not enough time to do all the lazing about I needed to do and still be productive. I have some new ketubah designs in the hopper, but frankly it takes a whole lot of percolating to get that stuff cooked. At this point I have just accepted that that’s how I roll.

Now we’re back in Mayberry which is a pretty lovely spot itself. Neighbors are touching base, returning from their various summer adventures. Life has shifted once again and change, as always, is a constant.

I hope you’ve had a tranquil, exciting, relaxing, invigorating, replenishing, productive summer my friends.

A Hudson River escape

August 9th, 2013








While we were up in the Catskills, Cecil and I got the chance to steal away for a night to explore the area alone. We drove east to the Hudson River and landed in Rhinebeck, NY, home of the Beekman Arms, the oldest inn in America, supposedly. It was charming but definitely smelled about 250 years old. Rhinebeck is charming and olde-timey and we enjoyed a relaxing pint at the Liberty Public House on the main drag.

We spent the night at the Roxbury Motel, which is run by a set designer escapee from NYC. We stayed in the Star Trek Room- shiny everything- silver vinyl window shades, a warp speed ceiling (I can’t really think of another way to describe it) and all. Awe. Some.

The next day we drove back to the river to Hudson NY for a taste of civilization. We had a great locavore meal at Grazin Diner and bought a few trinkets for the house and my earlobes along Warren Street- the main drag.

This past trip we also did a day out to Storm King Art Center, an amazing 500 acre sculpture park. I was so moved and excited by the Maya Lin earthwork and the Andy Goldsworthy walls. For a while there I was sorely tempted to chuck ketubah design and take up my welding torch again. Might still.

The Hudson River valley is really a magical place, up and down. Jeri went to Grad school at Bard way way back and I got to know the area from weekends up there. I would take the Metro North train up the river- and while I think it’s a shame that the tracks monopolize the river’s edge- it’s a pretty spectacular view as a passenger. It’s an area rich in offerings and history and definitely a place that makes me a little sad to be an entire continent away. Thank goodness for frequent flyer mileage!


Wedding tattoos, summer heat and some tasty fish

June 30th, 2013

Here’s some fun wedding stuff I’ve scouted on the web this week- wedding tattoos anyone? Maybe an image from your ketubah? We can make that happen!

This was an editorial on a stylish fun wedding– no ketubah but still super cute.

Summer is in full swing here- the temperature in Mayberry today will reach the mid 90’s and break 100 over the weekend.  I am a very sensitive flower and my window of comfort has about a five degree range and 90 is way beyond it. Cecil grea up in New Orleans and when it gets sultry like this he just smiles and loosens up.

Mena is already three weeks into day camp and is surprisingly happy with a full schedule. We have a giant kiddie pool- set up out back, so big that even on a super hot day the kids emerge blue lipped and shivering. We’ve been hanging out on the patio behind the studio and enjoying the shade of the giant cypresses with a glass of rose on ice. No wonder I’m barely getting anything done!

Here’s what we’re eating to stay cool- salt cured salmon (gravlax) that my mom has been making for ages. Here’s how I do it:

Start with a nice fresh side of salmon, preferably skin on, but I’ve done it without and it’s fine too.

Mix 1/4 cup of kosher salt with a tablespoonful of sugar and a healthy pinch of ground pepper. In lieu of sugar, a bunch of fresh dill is nice too.

Rub the salt mixture into the flesh of the fish, if you have dill, layer it on top.

Wrap the fish tightly in cling wrap and set in the fridge under weights for about 48 hrs. My method is to set the fish in a pyrex dish then top it with another slightly smaller pyrex and load a bunch of heavier stuff into that pan. I have a tiny fridge so there is no room to spare. The pyrex helps collect any expelled moisture from the fish.

After two days, remove the fish, unwrap, rinse and slice thin. It’s almost sushi-like. I like to serve it with creme fraiche (I’m fancy like that), and dill on a melba toast type cracker. A little fizzy wine and maybe an easy rustic fruit tart and we’re happy as clams!

Enjoy the weekend, loyal reader!

New ketubah artist- Chris Cozen

June 28th, 2013

I am thisclose to launching a new artist at New World Ketubah- Chris Cozen. I met Chris about a year ago when I printed a blank ketubah text for her to paint on for a friend’s wedding (I am always happy to help an artist with a custom ketubah project). Turned out she lives right in town here and when she came by to pick up the print, we chatted and I got curious. I looked her up and fell in love with her work. She paints in luscious rich tones and has a delightful and fanciful imagination. She says she just lets it come as she paints- total opposite from the way I work. I plot and plan and sketch. I wish I could improvise that way. What I love most about it is how happy the images are. The flowers, birds and beasts dance around the page- exactly as you’d want them to reflect your joy on your wedding day. We’ve been working together for a while, translating her work into ketubahs. I hope to launch them next week, but here is a sneak peek at some of the new collection- Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you Ketubahs by Chris Cozen, exclusively for New World Ketubah!

Morning Bright Ketubah by Chris Cozen for New World Ketubah

Morning Bright Ketubah by Chris Cozen

Arise Ketubah by Chris Cozen for New World Ketubah

Arise Ketubah by Chris Cozen




Some thoughts about weddings

June 21st, 2013

I have some few links I want to share. Some tasty wedding ideas and some chin stroking thought on marriage, in this, the ketubah season. Did you catch this article in the New York Times by A. O. Scott?  I will quote forthwith- this really resonated with me-

The idea that lifetime love equals long-term labor pops up in rehearsal-dinner and anniversary-party toasts, and in parental advice and pastoral counseling sessions. It is one of those kernels of common sense that always seems to go without saying, but that also somehow requires constant reiteration.

Here are two wedding ideas- jewelry made from broken china– interesting possibility for the plate broken under the chuppah?

And this lovely ring bearer plate– DIY!

This was a highly domestic week. For whatever reason the advent of official summer, possibly some kind of avoidance impulse, I wanted to spend this week just being in my home and doing home and mom stuff. Odd, I know since ketubah season is in full swing, but I can be perverse that way.

I spent one day baking desserts, (I make this brownie and it’s out of this world), and bunch of lasagnas to freeze and give away. I went to the farmer’s market with Mena- it’s quicker when I go alone, but she gets more interested in the fruits and vegetables we get if she helps select them. Plus it’s nice to have the company. She always picks out a potted flower or two to add to the garden when we go. I am not the kind of person who thinks about flowers and neither is Cecil so thanks to Mena we actually have some peeking out between the kale.  I took Mena to the zoo and the pony rides at Griffith Park. She had this notion about riding lessons so I thought she should experience being on a horse for reals. The twice I’ve been on one I was impressed by how high you are off the ground. She went on the medium sized ponies once and that was it, lessons tables for another year or two. All in all, it was very pleasant, being domestic. I kind of hope the spell will break and I’ll be a bit more on my game next week, but the muse has been elusive of late and I can only sit and wait for her next appearance.

Meanwhile, I bake.

New Work- Child(ish)

June 2nd, 2013

I’ve been playing around with some other artwork lately as well as the new ketubah designs I’ve been promising for like ever (I know). With a 5 year old in the house, I am always fielding requests for ‘draw me… fill in the blank’ I draw a LOT of ponies, very fancy ones. I am also trying to develop a kid-friendlier style which although my ketubahs are quite whimsical and loose, does not come all that naturally to me. Here are a few things I’ve been working on. They don’t have the je ne sais quoi I am after yet, but my family likes them, so there are two fans…

Giraffe Painting by ketubah artist Rachel Deitsch

Giraffe Painting by Rachel Deitsch

Bear painting- Rachel Deitsch
Bear painting- Rachel Deitsch

Elephants painting by Rachel Deitsch
Elephants painting by Rachel Deitsch


Friday Roundup

May 31st, 2013

Here are some things I’ve found on my…um..research forays.. on the internet. Some are even wedding related!

A swing that grows vines– very cool

Wedding Trend- Stripes! I like the crispness for summer.

DIY Wedding Bearer Box– rustic and charming

Online wedding thank you notes? Are we doing that now? I dunno…. This is a tough one, I am all for conserving paper, but this seems lazy.

3-D food printer in development. 3-D printing is a secret passion of mine. I cannot wait to live in that Star Trek world where I merely name the food I want. I really don’t like to cook. Plus- the future!

And I’ll leave you with this- some really pretty pom-pom shots, just because!

I am off to join my 4 sisters in the Berkshires to celebrate our fearless leader’s birthday! Have a great weekend!

New Work- a river runs through it

May 30th, 2013

Hilltop by Rachel Deitsch of New World Ketubah

Hilltop by Rachel Deitsch

Water Lily by Rachel Deitsch of New World Ketubah
Water Lily by Rachel Deitsch

River by Rachel Deitsch of New World Ketubah
New Painting- ‘River’ by Rachel Deitsch

Here are some images of paintings I have been working on. Some may become ketubahs, some will just be what they are. When I’m thinking about a new ketubah design I think about the feelings a new marriage brings up. I come back to the same images over and over and sometimes something new shows up, which can be very cool. The last image here, the river, is probably one that I will continue to explore for a long time. I have not seen river imagery in ketubahs much, but I think it’s a very apropos connection. All the ideas about being a couple and what you hope for on your wedding day and the journey of your lives together- they really do evoke a river to me. The way a relationship may look the same from the outside but is always changing. The way a river can sometimes not be controlled as you’d wish it, but will take it’s own direction. You resist at your own peril. And the way, if you are lucky and follow the natural motion, a river will take you home.


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