Ketubah Press’s WeddingBells September 2005:

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Seen & Heard
The ketubah, or marriage contract, isn’t new. But in the hands of Rachel Deitsch, the document traditionally read at Jewish ceremonies receives a joyful and contemporary update. The Losa Angeles-based artist, whose background is in illustration, saw her business take flight after she began creating vibrantly colored one-of-a-kind ketubah as wedding gifts for friends and family. Word of mouth spread among Jewish couples as well as same-sex couples and others in search of concrete testaments to their vows. “I get to offer a very personalized service,” says Deitsch. “And couples get exactly what they want,” whether that is conventional Hebrew text, an English passage of their choosing or even a print that can be customized later by a calligrapher. For a Quaker ceremony, Deitsch incorporated the requisite blanks for every guest’s signature. However the wording is adapted, each 16- by 20-inch (or 20- by 25-inch) archival-quality print is a striking reminder of a couple’s pledge.
-Michael Killingsworth