How To Order Your Ketubah

How to order a ketubah- ( in about 9 easy steps…)

  1. Choose your design
  2. Choose your text.
  3. I offer a range of ketubah texts from Traditional to Contemporary.  You can choose one of these (standard text) or you can bring a text you love from another source.
  4. If you choose a standard text and wish to have it filled in, choose the Personalized option. You will then fill out the Ketubah Information Form and send it to me when the order is placed.
  5. If you don’t want your text personalized, choose the Non-Personalized option and let me know which of the standard texts you wish in your ketubah. A Non-Personalized ketubah will have blank spaces in the text to be filled in by hand.
  6. If you want to use another text, choose the Write Your Own option and send me the text as well as the Ketubah Information Form
  7. If you would like your text to be translated as well, choose the Write Your Own Plus Translation option.  Please be aware that the word count limit for a regular 16” x 20” ketubah is about 400 words total, and the larger print size word limit is about 600 words.
  8. Once the order is placed and you have sent in the Ketubah Information Form, I will email you a text proof to look over and approve or make any changes before printing.
  9. When the text proof is approved, I will print and ship your ketubah- easy!