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Longtime companions

Posted on 04 October 2013 by admin

I’ve had a nice little flurry of ketubah orders for couples who have been together for a long time- 20 plus years- who can finally marry legally. It’s been such fun working with them and noticing the difference between couples who are just starting out on their life together and those who have been together and already know the drill. The is an assurance these women have (most of them are women with a few guy couples thrown in) about their relationships. They have families. They know what it takes to stay together for decades and there is an easy give and take, an understanding of compromise that comes from the doing for many years. It’s that depth of feeling and experience that makes me especially gratified when my work is chosen to represent their union. I feel lucky to be doing this work at this moment and being a small part of these inspiring stories.

house blessing image by Rachel Deitsch

house blessing image by Rachel Deitsch

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Custom ketubah- real wedding

Posted on 20 May 2013 by admin

I just did a ketubah for a dear friend’s sister. It was a bit unusual because she asked me to use her artwork, which the couple had also used for the inivitation. I am always happy to work with another artist or anyone who has a vision of what they’d like their ketubah to be. The painting was lovely- a flowering tree layered over a page from a vintage magazine.  I didn’t do much to it except add their ketubah text- in Hebrew, English and Spanish on a transparent white overlay. Don’t they look radiantly happy? Mazel tov Elana and Maria!

Ketubah by New World ketubah- custom art

Elana and Maria’s ketubah by New World Ketubah, artwork by Leora Wien

ketubah by New World Ketubah, custom artwork by Leora Wien

ketubah by New World Ketubah, custom artwork by Leora Wien


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Tuning up

Posted on 29 April 2013 by admin

Sometimes it’s the littlest things. Even though I keep up a pretty good practice of drawing and painting as a ketubah artist, I never feel like I have given my craft its due focus. Of course, in my pre-mom life I could stay up ’til all hours and sleep waaay in if I so desired (and I often did so desire), nowadays I have a fairly rigorous non-creative schedule to keep to.  Between preschool drop off and pick up and household-y errands, I have a few hours to get ketubah biz done and that might be the work day until tomorrow. Creativity can often get lost in the day to day-ness of life and before you know it the thing you love, the thing that brings you such joy is withering on the vine.
Around the new year (I know, that’s a long time ago) I vowed to get back to drawing for reals.  Though there was nothing stopping me from leaving my cozy house in the evening and getting to a class, I simply did not go.  I continued to announce my intention of going each week and then would faithfully not go each week. At least I was consistent in my failure.
Until finally I did go. I made a date with a girlfriend (and granted the first attempt ended up with us getting cocktails around the corner, but eventually we did get our butts there) and I got the old tools out of the shed and started drawing again. For real.
I can go on and on and quite rhapsodically about the rhythms of the hand and the eye and the constant inner mantra of ‘is it true?, is it true?’ that happens when you get in the zone.  It roots me in the world like nothing else and why the heck has it taken me so long to get back home?

drawing by ketubah artist Rachel Deitsch

lady drawing- by rachel deitsch

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Rachel Deitsch Ketubahs

Posted on 31 March 2011 by admin

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Fruitful Invitations

Fruitful Invitation Includes: Return address printed, coordinating lined envelope
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Printed on 100% rag paper- heavy, textured watercolor paper. Bright, clean color, crisp text- each invitation is a little piece of art! Coordinates with the ‘Fruitful’ ketubah. Get a free matching wedding website here!

Invitation fits 6” x 6” envelope.
Includes return address single-color printing and matching envelope liner.

Please complete our Invitation Order Form to personalize your invitations.

Want to use Hebrew? Please fax (415-869-2821) or contact us with that information

Once your order is placed, you will receive an online proof of your invitation layout. You can make 2 font or color changes to your order. Further changes will incur a design fee.

Our standard turnaround is 5 weeks, please email rachel@newworldketubah.com or call (323) 533-2532 for rush processing and shipping.

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