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Posted on 31 March 2011 by admin

Welcome! Come on in and take a look around. This is the home of artwork and designs by Rachel Deitsch, including her line of ketubah prints. Click below to browse her ketubahs or explore our other offerings, including ketubot by guest artists, wedding and art prints and all sorts of other goodies!

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  2. Rabbi Leonard Berkowitz Says:

    The art work on your k’tubot is lovely. Although the order form has several options for text, I did not notice any place where I could actually read the text. I would be interested in both of the Orthodox and Conservative texts (Hebrew and English) and the Egalitarian which I assume is only English since there is only one choice there. If it is not clear from the Hebrew texts that I hope you will send, please let me know about the word “qinyan” that occurs toward the end of Hebrew texts. Usually the first letter “qoph” is missing its vertical stroke; this is so that the officiating rabbi can fill that in on the spot.

    Are the fill-ins applied at the time of printing? If so, I would assume that there is room for long Hebrew names that include both father’s and mother’s name for both the bride and groom. Correct? Or if the art work just has a line, is it long enough to fit the long names of the bride and groom?

    I am not about to be married, but couples often ask for suggestions.

    I saw you ad in the Weddings and Celebrations section in this week’s New York Times.

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